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Nov. 2, 2013 news included items about two prostitution perpetrators prosecuted in Fort Collins for enslaving numerous people in a so-called "spa," and the arrest of a suspect in the recent (nearly successful) attempted kidnapping of an 8-year-old girl in Aurora through her bedroom window.

Paula Rhoads, producer of Brainiacs and "The Burning Cradle" tv show, reviews her advocacy on this subject since 1984 when the weekly newspaper, The North Fork Times, of Paonia, Colorado, was boycotted for publishing reports of a sheriff reserve officer molesting three children.

Jerry Sandusky and the Catholic church both exhibit statistics in their victims of pedophiles that are askew from the general populace statistics.

Paula chews over the ethics complaints against Gov. Hickenlooper and against Scott Gessler. She is thumbs down on recalling Evie Hudak, especially while not recalling Cory Gardner, who is serving Colorado in Congress, and contributed to the government shut down that also closed national forests, hurt the Colorado tourism economy and cost Utah a reported $30 million. Gardner twice introduced the "Make My Day Better" law that would have prohibited prosecution of business owners shooting to kill anyone who made them uncomfortable.

Last week's show included Dr. Kleinman testifying he had watched a video of The Burning Cradle featuring the Public Forum moderated by former Colorado Supreme Court "Justice" Rebecca Love Kourlis, also featuring on the panel Veeder, DA Ritter and ACLU attorney David Miller.  So Paula keeps trying to ingest it, and maybe she will succeed today.

Dr. Kleinman also testified falsely that Paula had "years" of psychiatric therapy for which there are no records, because Dr. Kleinman invented all of it. Dr. Kleinman also invented 4.5 years of marital counseling by misreading a therapist's notes. Dr. Kleinman could not recall who was on the PUBLIC FORUM tape. The defense invented many things to allege her brain injury (now verified by a 3T MRI) was a longstanding problem resulting from child sex abuse 50 years ago. This motivated the defense concealment of 63 personnel file documents.

Yet Judge Harr decided Dr. Kleinman was credible while Dr. Don Receveur was not?

So if Judge Michael Harr is the brother of Jim Harr, who employed Paula, and this was mentioned numerous times in transcripts, at which point Judge Michael Harr should have recused himself for a conflict of interest, bias, prejudice and ABUSE OF DISCRETION, but did not ...

And if Attorney General Deputy John Lizza refuses to accept that as a conflict of interest ... must we achieve a second theory here?

Paula is asserting the law indicates the APPEARANCE of a conflict of interest is adequate to set aside Judge Michael Harr's false "Findings of Fact" in her worker's comp case, without going farther to recognize potential allegations of a conspiracy of gay judges at the OAC "watching each other's backs" and possibly affilliated in support of NAMBLA. For ANOTHER bias, conflict of interest, prejudice and ABUSE OF DISCRETION.

Paula asserts it is improper to require her to prove more than an APPEARANCE of conflict of interest as it is imposing an additional barrier, which is a form of discrimination. It is improper to require her to achieve two cases of conflict of interest and abuse of discretion of ALJ Michael Harr, which is an additional barrier imposed.

Paula asserts that Judge Michael Harr is unfit to find any facts on any bench, and Gov. John Hickenlooper should do the right thing and remove him. For public corruption. And his other nasty corrupt friends at the OAC.



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