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One Saturday in July, I walked into the Denver Open Media studios and found myself heartily cheered for arriving, which was a unique experience. The servers were down, so whatever I had in my bag was all the station could do, evidently. Fortunately, I had two hours of recorded material, and was happy to sing live for a half hour here and a half hour there. 

We cut the singing out. But this is the first hour of recorded show, focused on a variety of subjects in July of 2014.

The other recorded hour is ABUSEONE, available elsewhere in this region, which is one of a three-part series focused on what ABUSE OF DISCRETION means, caselaw indicating that, and examples from Paula's worker's comp case in which she was denied a fair hearing by several dishonorable judges and some liars on the defense. If I get it reopened, my triple tessla mri brainscan showing trauma may be the nail to pin a fraud charge on all conspirators.


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In Project: Brainiacs
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