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Paula Rhoads shows six ways her employer, U.S. Home Corporation and Lennar Corporation, had notice of her disabling jobsite accident. By reviewing Colorado Revised Statutes 8-43-102 and 82 American Jurisprudence 2d she shows state and federal laws requiring employers with actual knowledge or written notice to report jobsite injuries within ten days. Supervisors, foremen, superintendents and managers are the exact individuals to give notice to, and is considered the same as notice to the employer.

So why did Administrative Law Judge Michael Harr ignore six different notices to the employer and decide instead to date it at June 2003?  Because he is corrupt and part of organized crime that is absolutely contrary to the public's best interests.

Have any doubts about what Paula has been complaining about? Because if you can watch this and not doubt Judge Michael Harr's fact finding abilities, you must be absolutely blind.

This is evidence of DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION IN PUBLIC SERVICE, a 14th Amendment complaint with potential to overcome the state's 11th Amendment immunities. Judge Michael Harr is discriminating against an entire class of people with his bogus methods of discrediting injured workers with brain injuries because they don't know how long they were unconscious. Absolutely nobody who has been unconscious knows that. His standard is BEYOND THE BOUNDS OF REASON. This is government oppression of a specific group of people because of their disabilities.

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In Project: Brainiacs
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