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Jon Romero, who played for First Friday in June 2013, appears on Brainiacs May 10, 2014 to talk, not play one of 13 instruments he can play. He also did not bring his band: Y Amanecer.

But this longtime Denver resident expresses his opinions on this Brainiacs regarding recent developments in the marijuana discussion and current events.

While most of this hour is Jon's, Brainiacs producer Paula Rhoads also gets some licks in, particularly in regard to the legally tender petition for Ballot Initiative 107, which is available for download from her facebook at 107 scan.pdf - Google Drive. This 8 page document is approved by the Secretary of State, and is legally tender to change Colorado's Constitution if it gets to the ballot.

107 seeks to steal $10 million of marijuana sales tax (10%) revenues annually to create permanent housing for Colorado citizens disabled by brain disorders that include: traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy, autism, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and other brain disorders.

American veterans remain homeless in Colorado, despite recognition Colorado is second behind California for getting American veterans inside. 20 percent of veterans came home with a brain injury, probably from blasts, possibly undiagnosed, leaving them unlikely candidates for "bootstrapping" out of their predicament without some help that all Americans should be intent on providing.

OperationTBIFreedom.org is the entity connected to Rocky Mountain Human Services which seeks to identify and help these veterans.


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In Project: Brainiacs
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