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Brainiacs: Jocelyn Miller, calm help
In Project: Brainiacs

The Robert A. Miller Educational Resource Center, 2811 Harrison St., Denver, a resource center, offers help and classes in a variety of subject areas, including parenting, Spanish/English conversation, anger management, literacy awareness, language skills, empowerment, healthy changes, self esteem, dealing with Alzheimers and probably more yet to be. They all spell "HELP."

Jocelyn Miller, who looks like the model in a lipstick ad in the Oprah Magazine "O," is the luminary guiding people to calm assistance in changing something in their lives in order to attain relief from some distinct problem.

Jocelyn credits her father, a therapist, for instilling the calm approach in her that she saw him use to great effect, even with belligerent people in the midst of anxiety while prescriptions have lapsed.

Most survivors of brain injury know that feeling, including Beth Kahmann, host of Brainiacs, and Paula Rhoads, producer. "Rampage" is our word for the anxiety-driven panic attack resulting from a lapse in prescriptions. Been there, done that.


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In Project: Brainiacs
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