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Brainiacs: "In Harm's Way: TBI in Young Children"
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Brainiacs (3/22/14) begins with announcements and the full speech of Liz Gerdeman of the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado, speaking at the Brainstorm Conference in Boulder on March 14, 2014.

Then 39 minutes of the program is devoted to a New Mexico production called "In Harm's Way: Traumatic Brain Injury in Young Children, Brain Injury Awareness for Head Start Providers." This program features a host of top drawer national experts in brain injury and shaken baby syndrom discussing the identification criteria for TBI in children ages 0 to 4.

Produced by the New Mexico Aging & Long-Term Services Department's Brain Injury Program and broadcast with their expressed permission. N.M.'s BI program can be reached at (866) 451-2901.

People interested in pediatric brain injury can also find selections in the archives of Brainiacs at www.denveropenmedia.org/project/6254/shows. Titles include Dr. Jeannie Dice Lewis of Children's Hospital in Denver speaking at a BIAC conference, and also "Mike and Mike" two pediatric specialists at National Jewish Hospital and Children's Hospital in Denver.

Dr. Don Receveur, a neuropsychologist who appeared as Brainiacs' first show in Jan. 17, 2007, also discussed his concerns about children suffering brain injuries that were often poorly identified.

And Judy Dettmer, now Executive Director of the Colorado Brain Injury Program, formerly a researcher at CSU, presenting at a BIAC conference on >>>>>

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