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Brainiacs goes to Tower Museum, plus Legislative Session bills
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Host Paula Rhoads is celebrating that Brainiacs has been on the air for three years, but takes time for a history lesson or two on the plains of Eastern Colorado at the Tower Museum. This historic spot brings sunshine on a cloudy day when the shopkeeper educates us about agricultural implements of the wierdest types, and Paula's cohorts explore the rock building as a potential site for their upcoming horror flick or Titanic scene or something.

Paula also reports on the worsening picture of the Developmental Disabled waiting lists as the state also plans to cut Medicaid providers' reimbursements by another 2 percent. Combined with the past two years, that comes to about 5.5 percent cut.

The full tape of the Joint Budget Committee reporting to the joint meeting of the House and Senate Health and Human Services Committees will be ingested under the title: BrainiacsJBConDD.

Then Paula introduces a number of bills recently introduced at the Colorado Legislative Session, including about 6 bills on worker's compensation from the interim committee on Pinnacol Assurance, a TBI bill, and some other proposals we encourage you to investigate at www.colorado.gov under the legislature where bill folders list them by number.

The worker's comp bills are: Senate Bills: 10-011, SB 10-012, SB 10-013 and HOUSE BILLS 10-1009, HB 10-1012, HB 10-1038, HB 10-1109.

Also, SB 10-076 on unreasonable insurance claims settlement practices.

Special ed: school speech language pathology assistants: HB 10-1034.

Civil Rights for disabled people: HB 10-1152.
TBI bill: HB 10-1048.

Veterans treatment courts: HB 10-1104.

Also, HB 10-1146 on state-funded longterm care assistance to recipients of old age pensions, aid to the needy and disabled, aid to the blind, SSI benefits, adult foster care, and home care allowances.

Also: Community longterm care savings: HB 10-1053.

Creation of a relief fund for children with catastrophic medical conditions: HB 10-1103.

Senate Bill 10-061 on Medicaid payments for inpatient care for hospice recipients.

HB 10-1032 on behavioral health crisis response services.

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