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BRAINIACS: Frank Ritter
In Project: Brainiacs

Frank Ritter suffered a brain injury when the boxes he was delivering fell on him in his truck, but he's a "can-do" kind of guy, and just not willing to sit down and do nothing.

Listen to his concept and the obstacles he faces just attempting to contribute his remaining skills.

Then get out a pencil to record some of the events coming up in May.

We forgot to list Mark Condon's support group on May 1 at the headquarters of the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado, 1385 S. Colorado BLVD., Suite A606, Denver.

Meanwhile, if you wish to assist in gathering signatures for Petition for Ballot Initiative #107, then check Paula Rhoads' facebook to download.

#107: "Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado Constitution concerning state funding for permanent housing for disabled citizens with brain disorders and, in connection therewith, requiring the state to use ten million dollars annually from retail marijuana sales tax revenues to provide permanent housing for Colorado citizens who are disabled by brain disorders; creating a board to oversee the use of grant moneys; and requiring that such permanent housing be staffed by inndividuals who are certified in brain injury care?"

"Brain disorders" is the wording the title board chose, but we had a primary goal of shooting at people with traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, MS, nd other brain disorders. And perhaps also foster kids with similar issues.

The wording of the entire thing is long, but I will post it also. It seeks to provide grants to nonprofits and private entities of Colorado already providing similar care or housing for such groups, as well as homeless shelters already providing shelters. We did not want bidders from Florida or a lawsuit to gobble up money.

Also, you should know, this is for $10 million a year.

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