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New bills introduced into the General Assembly get a runthrough ... a skim-over perhaps.

Paula pulled these bills from the pile on Friday, Jan. 24, 2014 using a system of whatever seemed interesting to her. But you can peruse bills also at the website for colorado.gov.

The third try on the MAKE MY DAY BETTER law has raised Paula's hackles as she thinks this is a poorly written bill, first, and second, it seeks to give employers permission to use deadly force in questionable situations.

And really, Paula is just antsy about the idea of the aristocracy getting a free pass to shoot and kill on such flimsy vague guidelines, especially when the Colorado Worker's Compensation system uses C.R.S. 8-42-113 to send claimants to prison on what could be trumped up charges for the purpose of helping employers and insurance companies get out of paying what they owe. Especially since the cost containment board is a stranglehold for only defense interests.

Don't like that bill, but there are others Paula does like.

Plus, the show starts with a viniette of what is missing at the Division.

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