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Brainiacs: "Evil"
In Project: Brainiacs

Gavin Attwood, executive director of the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado, announces some upcoming events, as well as a very positive review of the numerous conferences spread across the state this past year.

Then Paula gives announcements of other events, and chews up recent news she read in the Denver Post, including about the construction industry expressing its intent to hire 22 percent of its labor force from foreign workers while Americans are not fully employed, a murdered developmentally disabled man, economic inequality, and her objection to Governor Hickenlooper's comments regarding the mentally ill and those who feel abandoned and unloved, particularly when the State of Colorado intentionally and methodically destroyed her family for fun and profit, while so many ignored her begging for help. 

Oh, and a recent article discussing "EVIL" and including the comments of ACLU attorney David Lane, whose work sprung hundreds of convicted sex offenders from prison several years ago. Lane blames his clients' victims for the actions of criminals, and seems to indicate they are doomed to become murderers? Sounds like the worker's comp system all over again.

Also, Wigmore's "hearsay evidence exceptions" yields information that, for witnesses who are willing to testify, depositions are unusable. This is absolutely counter to what ALJ Michael Harr ruled in her case in order to deny her Constitutional rights to a fair hearing and to call and cross examine witnesses. And C.R.S. 8-43-210.

Also, the transcripts reveal she entered a statement about perjury in December 2005, which is less than six years since her Jan. 13, 2000 accident/injury, thus beating the 6-year deadline.

When governments are oppressive and deceitful, when judges are masters of obstruction, I must agree with Nelson Mandela that I cannot accept a government that makes war on its own people.

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