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Brainiacs: Entrapment
In Project: Brainiacs

Colorado Revised Statutes 8-42-113 provides a bribe to law enforcement who make a criminal charge stick on a worker's comp claimant, particularly if the claimant goes to prison.  But Paula presents how false criminal allegations result in what is actually entrapment and shows several examples of the cruel attitudes of "normal" jerks in intentionally harming mentally disabled people.

Paula proposes to repeal C.R.S. 8-42-113 and replace it with a mandate that any worker's comp claimant alleging a head injury will immediately (without obstacle) get a triple tessla MRI at state expense, and if trauma to the brain is found, the employer will compensate the state for the 3t MRI.

This proposal would cost the public about $3,000 per person, as opposed to the current system of our worker's comp system encouraging, nay, assisting in helping employers commit fraud against claimants with damaged brains, which costs $30,000 per person per year to the public when that claimant goes to prison. Which is less expensive? Which results in actually accomplishing "reform?" Because Paula insists her plan would stop fraud in its tracks and mow down employer fraud. Paula insists her plan would SAVE the public lots and lots and lots of money.

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In Project: Brainiacs
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