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Brainiacs: The End
In Project: Brainiacs

After 8.5 years, Brainiacs may be at an end, as Paula Rhoads, producer, is absolutely broke, as her Social Security disability income has been cut because her daughter is turning 18. 


While a recent Brainiacs show reported Paula's work comp case was reopened, time has found that to be untrue, as the ICAO sent her PETITION TO REOPEN  to the Division, where a claims manager stated the case cannot be reopened unless the insurance company agrees.

If you were an insurance company committing fraud, perjury, fraudulent concealment, flouted discovery and several omissions of duty, would you reopen?

Though Paula is certain that this is procedural gamesmanship, and Paula is certain she will not return to the Office of Administrative Courts for another round of entrapment, there is another way.

Injunctive Relief is a possibility to request the U.S. Supreme Court (1) pay me now because I have proof, (2) and that was DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION IN PUBLIC SERVICE, a 14th Amendment complaint for which Congress abrogates the State's 11th Amendment immunities, and (3) the federal question jurisdiction issue challenge to Colorado's worker's compensation system boards and Pinnacol Assurance could potentially result in correction of what is wrong with that police power state agency that never had "consent of the governed."

And maybe Paula will finally get an attorney appointed for her there.

Songs include "Hello Young Lovers" from "The King and I" and "Sealed with a Kiss."


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Producer: Paula Rhoads
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In Project: Brainiacs
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