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Brainiacs: "could infer"
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Brainiacs producer Paula Rhoads Hook takes note that Brainiacs' crew of people disabled by brain injuries was the first studio crew certified at Denver Open Media public access tv. And then blabs about recent news items including:  a Broncos player crying (is it a symptom of a TBI?); head injuries on other tv shows like America's Funniest Videos and Bloopers; correlating concussions with Alzheimers, plaque and fish oil pills; catastrophic insurance is a shill game; health insurance encouragement to smile as a solution to mental health ills; DA prosecuting mass murderer James Holmes wants a new psychiatrist because old one is "biased" for working on solitary confinement issue (?) and how the Office of Administrative Courts can negate a written notice of injury to the employer by speculation in "could infer," which is not the finding of any fact.

Published: 12/28/2013 0 Comments
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Producer: prhoads
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Theme: Community Issues and Advocacy
In Project: Brainiacs
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