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Brainiacs: Breckenridge Outdoor Education Camp
In Project: Brainiacs

About 45 minutes of footage from the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Camp fills most of this hour while Paula attempts to decide what controversy to use to promote your interest. But in the end, there is no identified FIRST AMENDMENT issue here, nor is there any problem with promoting the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Camp because it is a 501c3.

Paula and her beautiful daughter, Miranda, just got back from camp, where Paula was kicked out of the women's dorm room for her especially accomplished ability of snoring boisterously. No offense taken, as you can see lots of beautiful footage and maybe you will decide to sign up for the next one with Linda Heesch at the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado, 303-355-9969. They always need at least one more volunteer to be a "buddy" for this wonderful camp pretty close to pure heaven.

BTW: if Paula gets her hands on that CU Med Hospital at Ninth and Colorado in Denver, this is what it will look like. Or at least we will hire all their people.

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In Project: Brainiacs
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