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April 20, 2014 celebrates three different things:  Jesus' rising from the dead (Easter), the Ludlow Massacre's 100 year anniversary, and the 420 potfest. 

But if you have no faith, how could you possibly believe that a single cell organism popped out of a mud puddle after it was hit by lightning. That's totally preposterous. The starting point of Evolution is absolute bologna. And you believed that????

Also: which person are you in the story of the Good Samaritan? the priest, the Levite, the injured man, the thieves, the donkey, the innkeeper or the Good Samaritan? Well ... if you consider yourself wise by avoiding the "drama," maybe you are one of the first two. 

But is Jesus encouraging that?

The latter half of this show is devoted to ballot initiatives filed by Paula and friends, which all were passed through the Title Board hearing last Wednesday despite Paula's lack of faith.

And then there is the issue of MILLER V. INDUSTRIAL CLAIMS APPEALS OFFICE of the state of Colorado, Colorado Court of Appeals, 1999, which is a case indicating that all claimants have a FIVE YEAR STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS, not a three year statute of limitations. So why did the Colorado Revised Statutes fail to be amended to reflect that?

And one more time:  if the employer had notice  the employer cannot be prejudiced, and if the employer failed to file documents reporting the accident AS REQUIRED BY LAW, then the employer and its insurance company (defense) cannot use the statute of limitations as a defense. Or ... the statute of limitations cannot begin to run until the employer does report the accident to the division.

Notice includes "actual notice," which is when the employer sees the accident, or the employer's senior management sees it. When a witness reports the accident to a senior vp on the date of injury, that is also notice, according to C.R.S. 8-43-103.

So this is why Judge Michael Harr continually abused his discretion to avoid including material evidence in the record. So this is why Judge Harr incorrectly found as fact that Paula did not report her accident until July 2003, and why he wrote the defense "could infer" her concussion was not a compensable injury?

Abuse of discretion includes when the judge refuses to adequately consider material evidence.

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