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Bloody Thalamus
In Project: Brainiacs

Here's Paula's suggestions for budget Christmas gifts using pretty plates and budget items from the ARC Thrift Shops and Goodwill Stores, where truly valuable items can be found for way below cost if you know what to look for. OK, it might take a bit of polishing and cleaning. But silver has taken a big rise in value lately, and if you have time to look ...

Also, Paula explains recent upgrades to high definition in studios at the Denver Open Media public access tv station, as well as why she likes recording information she otherwise is unable to absorb because of her BLOODY THALAMUS!!!

Remember Dr. Hipskind being on the show last August? It's in the archives at www.denveropenmedia.org/project/6254/shows under HIPSKIND.

Just what is a thalamus and do you actually need one to think? If you have a BLOODY THALAMUS, what does that mean? What has she been doing to her THALAMUS to make it bloody, anyway?

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In Project: Brainiacs
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