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Black Canyon of the Gunnison
In Project: Brainiacs

Early in this show are some great visuals of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Blue Mesa Reservoir in Gunnison County, Colorado. Also, the fishing derby in late July 2012 in Pitkin, Colorado featuring very young kids in competition that allows one adult to help them in a "team" sport involving many slimey catches.
Also, Paula Rhoads, host and producer, shows sections from The Declaration of Independence that seem similar to the usurpations of Pinnacol Assurance, particularly because there is no "consent of the governed" supporting Pinnacol Assurance. Paula contends Pinnacol is sovereign in violation of federal law in Reynolds v. Sims.
But this week, she found Padilla, a case indicating only the Director may reopen a case, and that all cases are subject to reopening.
Also, how about all the empty brick buildings at Colorado Blvd and Ninth Streets in Denver. Should the public maximize its resources by converting these to house elderly people in the future, given the statistics showing we will NEED this? Or should we pay $30 million to bulldoze so some develop can make a profit at the public's loss? What if every disability group were allowed to lease a building or two, and Colorado actually decided to put homeless people inside so they could work toward treatment or getting a job or turning their lives around?

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In Project: Brainiacs
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