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Bike helmets, bills and BILLIONS
In Project: Brainiacs

Host Paula Rhoads shares the last 10 minutes of tape from the Brain Injury Association of Colorado (BIAC) Capitol Coffee March 9, 2010.

And some OLD tape of Scott La Point with skateboarder Jake McGhee discussing bike helmet use for skateboarders after a skateboarder died of a brain injury. This show in 2007 includes Scott La Point discussing his own brain injury while practicing as a semi-pro bike racer, and his comment that his helmet meant he only spent FOUR days in a coma, instead of what might have been.

House Bill 1147 seeks to require helmets on children on non-motorized vehicles such as bikes, and skateboards.

Will health care reform mean the public will demand better PREVENTION of brain injuries, which are often EXPENSIVE enough they exceed the maximum coverage amounts in health insurance policies?

Paula calls that a CABOOSE, because healthcare reform may drag PREVENTION along with it.

We share videotape of children using words instead of fists at the Denver Art Museum's free day in early March. Remember: first Saturdays each month are free at the Denver Art Museum.

And then Paula continues her usual rant about the Pinnacol Assurance board and its travesties, which she considers to amount to active discrimination against disabled people, particularly mentally disabled by brain injuries on the job.

When Pinnacol decided to buy an insurance company, which was specifically prohibited in statute, they amassed a $2 billion fortune by discriminating against disabled injured workers, denying and delaying claims by bribing adjusters, etc., which Paula does not intend to let you forget about.

Would you rather continue paying for Paula's prescription medications at $400 a month or lay hands on that $2 billion Pinnacol THINKS it owns?

Which Pinnacol board members represent the general public? Or you? Is this America or what?

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