Bernies out west Journeys talks with Eric Swab about his book on the Manitou Springs Incline

In this show we’ll travel to The Manitou Springs Incline, also known as the Manitou Incline or simply the Incline. This trek up the mountain was made available because Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs wanted a cool drink of water at the bottom. But there is more, the Incline has back-stories; the need for water and electricity and the unintentional creation of entertainment for the hiking inspired.

I’ll be interviewing Mr. Eric Swab on his book; "FROM UTILITY TO ATTRACTION: A History of the Mt. Manitou Park & Incline Railway". 

Fun fact – Although the Incline has been used as an exercise venue since the tram closed in 1990, the walkers were trespassing until the 2013 signing of US Public Law 112–250.



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