Bernie's Colorado Journeys; talks with the Old Colorado City Historical Society - part 2

I was having such a fun talk with the Old Colorado Historical center I have enough interview “tape” to do another show. We talked about a number of subjects in and around Old Colorado City but I want to be sure and recount the log home that today sits in the heart of Old Colorado City. What looks like a “little house on the prairie” has a Colorado history that rivals any building in the region. Dr. Garvin's 1859 log cabin today sits in Bancroft Park facing Colorado Avenue, on the westside of Colorado Springs in Old Colorado City. In 1929 the cabin was moved and placed on the Broadmoor Golf Course as a historical decoration! They put garden hoses in it. Then came the 1959 ‘Rush to the Rockies’ Centennial, centered on Denver. The Cabin, was moved to Denver, where it sat on the grass below the State Capitol. After the celebration it was moved back to Colorado Springs. I’ve only been able to recount about every third or fourth event in the cabins history so stop in to the history center and get the “rest of the story”.


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