Bernie's Colorado Journeys; talks with the Old Colorado City Historical Society

In 1976 a group of citizens who recognized the historical significance and unique culture of Old Colorado City founded the Old Colorado City Historical Society. The Old Colorado City History Center Museum (on the Westside of Colorado Springs) displays artifacts that tell the story of the people and businesses that made early El Paso County, the original Colorado City, and the Westside - their home, their workplace, and their community. In 1859 the existing small settlement of El Dorado, at the eastern entrance to the Ute pass was renamed Colorado City by the founders, M. S. Beach, Rufus Cable, Anthony Bott and George Bute. Colorado City became the first permanent town in the Pikes Peak region, in the soon to be created Colorado Territory. The Colorado City Glass Co. possibly the largest glass manufacturer west of the Mississippi River during the five years it was in business was established in 1889 by Adolphus Busch (Anheuser-Busch Brewing Assoc.), Jerome Wheeler and Gen. Charles Adams.  Bottles were made for the Manitou mineral water, liquor and wine with an initial workforce of 52 German glass blowers. When gold was discovered in 1891 at Cripple Creek, prosperity came to the city from the four gold ore reduction mills operating in Colorado City.

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