Bernie's Colorado Journeys; makes a return visit to the Glen Eyrie castle in Colorado Springs.

The Glen Eyrie district was the residence of Civil War General William Jackson Palmer, the founder of the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad (D&RG). His landscape architect, John Blair, may have suggested the name Glen Eyrie (“Valley of the Eagle’s Nest”), referring to an eagle’s nest on a large gray rock near the entrance to the canyon. General Palmer built a clap-board "manor" house in 1871, for his wife, Mary Lincoln Mellen “Queen” Palmer. The original house was used as the roots and trunk for the present castle. “…By 1901 work had begun on remodeling the existing house by adding 24 inches of stone to the exterior, complete with its own foundation. The roof was made of slate tile from the ruins of an old church in a country district of England, but since has been augmented with new roofing materials….”  ( The house and grounds are open to visitors who make reservations for afternoon tea, a castle tour, or an overnight stay in one of the 17 guest rooms. In 1975 Glen Eyrie was placed on the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places.

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