Bernie's Colorado Journeys; goes looking for a blacksmith shop

When I’m not roaming around Colorado meeting great folks to interview, I watch the History channel “Forged in Fire” and according to Google users; 96% like this show. With that kind of popularity, I thought I’d poke around to see if there is any Blacksmithing going on in Colorado and yes, there is! I came across the Forge with Intention Blacksmithing Classes at the David Norrie Blacksmithing School in Berthoud, Colorado. The shops are about 2 hours north of downtown Colorado Springs starting at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, and about 50 min north-west from the Denver International airport (DEN). David Norrie has been an artist blacksmith for well over 30 years and is renowned for his craftsmanship and unique style in architectural hand forged metalwork. Today David is retired, but is still teaching blacksmithing in Mexico but his shops in Colorado continue in operation. Two young men hooked up with David to continue the art and craft of blacksmithing. They have taken over the shops under the name of Forge with Intention and do commission work along with continuing to offer classes as David did. A most interesting thing I learned is that these new Blacksmiths are College trained in the art and science of blacksmithing from the American College of the Building Arts  located in Charleston, South Carolina. In addition, they have traveled the world doing internships in blacksmithing. Also; Colorado is the home of the Rocky Mountain Smiths; it’s an affiliate of The Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America and serves blacksmiths and metalsmiths in Colorado, Wyoming, and neighboring states.

Location of The Blacksmith shop

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