Bernie's Colorado Journeys; discovers the South Park National Heritage Area | Park County, CO

As usual I was heading to another location driving west on U.S. Route 24 in Colorado near Lake George when I went past a road sign reading “South Park National Heritage Area”. I knew I was in Park County established in 1861, and is one of Colorado’s original counties. In its center is a lush valley of ranch land, known today as “South Park”, and features some of the best mountain scenery in the state, especially from the Wilkerson Pass Visitor Center located on US-24, twelve miles west of Lake George. In March 2009 Congress approved and President Barack Obama signed a bill designating the South Park National Heritage Area - one of 55 such congressionally designated areas in the United States that represent the history of the country. I surfed the internet to learn how much of Park County is this National Heritage Area and while can only guess by looking at a map overlay, a good 75% of the County is National Heritage Area. I think that this qualifies as the “800-pound Gorilla in the room”. It demands respect. I went back to the internet and drilled down in iTunes podcasts > Society & Culture > Places & Travel > the South Park Heritage Area and fortunately, I found, among their few postings (~10), an overview of the South Park Heritage Area so I downloaded it and I’m playing it for this show.

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