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Astrology 2012
In Project: Spirals of Wisdom

Astrology 2012 (SOW-08). Susie Verde & Gurudev Khalsa interview four famous astrologers from around the world on their perspectives of what will happen in 2012. Over 700 astrologers were in Denver in May 2008 for the United Astrology Conference, the largest astrological conference in 30 years. This show's guests featured: 1) Roy Gillett, President of the British Astrological Association and Trustee of London's Jamyang Buddhist Centre; 2) Brian Clark, past President of the Federation of Australian Astrologers, from Melbourne; 3) Wendy Stacey, originally from New Zealand and now chair of the Astrological Association of Great Britain; and 4) Sandra-Leigh Serio, President of the Rocky Mountain Astrologers Association, based here in Colorado. (Originally aired 5/18/08 on CCTV-54 in Louisville, CO).

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In Project: Spirals of Wisdom
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