Premier Episode / Sound & Color
Published: 06-05-09
Premier Episode (SOW 01). Hosts Susie Verde and Gurudev Khalsa introduce the concept of the Spirals of Wisdom show, exploring the significance of “spirals,” “wisdom,” and “consciousness” in the show's aim to "sow seeds of consciousness." Elaborates on these themes using Susie’s bout with breast cancer and her healing journey with the famous Brazilian medium, John of God. (Originally aired as a half-hour show on 9/24/07 at CCTV-54 in Louisville, CO). Sound and Color (SOW 03). Explores the vibrational healing potential of sound and color, their connections with each other and with consciousness. Features Angelika Blu from England, who employs both sound and color modalties in her healing practice and works at the headquarters of Aura Soma, which developed and distributes a color-based vibrational healing system known as the “Window of the Soul.” (Originally aired as a half-hour show on 11/19/07 at CCTV-54 in Louisville, CO).
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Spirals of Wisdom

Spirals of Wisdom is a local spiritual talk show, hosted by Susie Verde & Gurudev Khalsa. It aims to spread inspiration and information, sowing seeds of consciousness for the well-being of all beings. Each episode focuses on a particular spiritual or healing theme, and involves a conversation among a number of guests who bring their wisdom and expertise to that subject.

Producer: Gurudev
Language: English
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