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Al Foxx, motivational speaker and standup comic
In Project: Brainiacs

Al Foxx, motivational speaker and standup comic, addresses the awards banquet of the Brain Injury Association of Colorado's 27th Annual Conference October 2009 in Denver.

Recounting the frustrations of accepting a new life with disabilities, Al Foxx describes in humorous tone his frustrations with his disabilities and the misunderstandings of others while they cannot understand his speech or falls.

But first, Host Paula Rhoads reviews prior experts' quotes about children with brain injuries being denied proper diagnostic care, or after hospital care just disappearing from statistical evaluations.

The important conclusion is that some children with brain injuries in special education could escape frustration and failure with accurate treatment.

Dr. Donald Receveur, a retiring neuropsychologist, discussed the subject with former Host Scott La Point on Brainiacs' very first show in January 2007.

Dr. Dettmer presents a CSU research project of Dr. Pat Sample on a "hole" in the statistics that bears consideration.

Also, the Rocky Mountain Ringers' Christmas concert footage from 2008 gets a reprise just to remind you of their upcoming concert with the Arvada Chorale in 2009.

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