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Airport Surplus Equipment Sale at DEN (2015)

Airports in Colorado rely on a wide range of different types of airport-specific equipment to keep their airports running safely and efficiently for the citizens, pilots and visitors of Colorado. This equipment is typically very expensive when purchased new. This being said, Colorado's smaller airports do not have the budgets to support these huge capital expenses.

The partnership developed between Denver International Airport and the Colorado Division of Aeronautics makes it possible for Colorado's smaller airports to purchase quality used airport-specific equipment at reduced prices through the annual DEN Surplus Airport Equipment Program. As a partner in this essential state-funded program, airports are awarded Colorado Aviation Grants by the Colorado Aeronautical Board toward the purchase of equipment at the yearly sale.  

This video will give you some inside knowledge on how this program works, the relationships that support this vital program, and the outcome of the 2015 DEN Airport Equipment Sale.  

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