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27th Brain Injury Association of Colorado Conference October 7 & 8, 2009
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Dr. Wayne Gordon, president of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and Director of Brain Injury Research at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, opens the Brain Injury Association of Colorado's Conference with some poigniant observations before handing the podium over October 7, 2009 in Denver.

Dr. Debra McMorrow, Exec. Vice President of Acquired Brain Injury Business Development for The MENTOR Network, and board member of the North American Brain Injury Society, picks up the mic with the question of how many people in American society are living with a brain injury with no treatment or resources. And how immediate care brings about quicker and less expensive recovery.

Both Dr. McMorrow and Dr. Gordon are nationally recognized and frequent presenters in this field.

More speakers from the Brain Injury Association of Colorado's 27th annual conference are archived at www.denveropenmedia.org under Brainiacs, including Dr. Jeanne Dise-Lewis of Children's Hospital in Denver speaking on PEDIATRIC BRAIN INJURY.

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