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The 2008 Lakewood High School Film Festival
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The first Lakewood High School Film Festival.<br /><br />Films:<br />Building Construction by Sacha Heppell<br />ConseQuence by Ike Pacheco<br />Epiphany by Allison Sheldon<br />Deadly Combination IV by Zach Lemmer and Jared Leedholm <br />Liary by Allison Sheldon and Becca Marion<br />Mancala Shame by Joel Jolly and Kraig Brownlow<br />One More by Joel Jolly and Matt McCarthy<br />Giotto Balboa by Jonathan Spencer<br />6:14 by Emily Gaydeski<br />Purple Thunder by Sacha Heppell, Natalie Evans, Sada Pan, Shane Brown, Sophie Burris<br />The Case by AJ Vigil<br />The Dreamer by Jacob Landis-Eigsti<br />Scooter Love by Molly Delandsheer and Maura Johnson

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