My struggle against tyranny as a federal scientist
Published: 02-20-09

Chafin's narrative describes political corruption that he encountered during several environmental studies of groundwater in Colorado during his tenure as a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. He describes his efforts during the Clinton and G.W. Bush admininstrations to obtain accountability and reform through the Inspector General's office and the U.S. Congress. Chafin accuses numerous bureaucrats and elected officials of both major political parties of malfeasance. Chafin's narrative describes the criminal abuse to which he was subjected to silence him. This abuse includes retaliatory reprimands, illegal telephone surveillance of Chafin's workplace and home (by Quest, Inc.) and its cover-up, destruction of incriminating records, criminal cover-up by the Inspector General's office at the direction of both administrations, medical spying by intrusion into Chafin's relationship with his psychiatrist and physician by Bill and Hillary Clinton, smearing of Chafin's character with illegally obtained and disseminated personal information (both admininstrations jointly), false arrest by entrapment in conspiracy with the Denver Police Dept.[a Karl Rove enterprise], sabotage of Chafin's attorney-client relationship by the Clintons, John Kerry, Ken Salazar, Diana DeGette, and other Democrats. Chafin describes how the Democrats (led by the Clintons, Sen. Harry Reid, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi) have closed ranks with Bush and the Republican Party to hide the malfeasance and how the two parties in effect have become mere wings of a larger fascist party that works for the corporate plutocracy and maintains a shared, hidden culture of corrupt corporatism. Chafin concludes that American fascism eventually will collapse economically and that the American people need to come to their senses and politically dismantle it before that happens. [To read the text of this video narrative, its Summary and Epilogue, and all other blog postings, including supportive documents, please visit Chafin's blog site dchafin.blogspot.com.]

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