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Denver Open Media takes a brand-new approach to media. Just as organizations such as YouTube and Wikipedia have changed the way that individuals create and access media on the web, Denver Open Media has created a participatory model for community media and radio.

However, since we are a small nonprofit organization we rely heavily on our interns to help make us work! Although these internships are unpaid, qualified individuals will receive real-world experience and have the opportunity to participate in the exciting world of both video and interactive community media. (And our interns receive free access to our equipment, resources and production classes!) If you are interested in video production, community media, radio operations, open-source technology, animation, and/or small non-profits that focus on empowering communities through media, we want you! We have internships available in many areas, including: 

  • Community Media
  • Production/Post-Production
  • Media Education
  • Website Design/Maintenance
  • Development and Fundraising 
  • Social Media & Outreach 
  • Radio Operations
  • Public Relations

Individuals fluent in Spanish are strongly encouraged to apply!


DOM interns are allowed to take any and all DOM workshops and will enjoy an Studio Access Membership for the term of their internship (so long as they are certified to use the desired equipment and/or facility). This membership will be subject to the same benefits and restrictions as for our normal users unless specific arrangements have been made ahead of time. Interns should coordinate attending workshops with their supervisor so scheduling conflicts do not arise and all desired workshops are completed within the term of the internship.

Interns who complete their 200 hours will receive a free Studio Access Membership for an entire year from the date of their exit interview.  Interns who would like to maintain their membership status (after their internship is complete) must volunteer for at least 12 hours per month. This upgraded membership will continue only so long as the intern consistently volunteers this amount of time at DOM, with any extended departures being discussed beforehand.

We require 12 hours/week minimum, with 200 total hours to complete an internship with DOM. Applicants should prepare themselves to give much time and attention to the internship, prioritizing it whether taking it for school credit or not. To apply for an internship position with us, please first read the "Internship Positions" page, and find which position best fits your skills, experience, and interest, then please fill out the online application. Be sure to upload your resume & cover letter to that form.