Johnnie Johnson

Radio & Community Media

Johnnie J. from Denver; been in public radio for 35 years and as an intern here at KOMF 92.9FM my interests are producing interview shows as well as doing live interactive shows  with you the listeners and my future ambitions is to produce audiobooks at my home studio, be a talk show host and produce concerts and teach musical artists the business of music!





Sarah Farley

Radio & Community Media

Media is a powerful tool, and it belongs in the hands of the community it serves. I'm working towards building a career in journalism with a focus on politics and culture. Radio and audio storytelling has become one of my favorite mediums to explore. I love going to shows and experiencing the richness of Denver's music scene. When I'm not jamming out to local bands by night, I'm your friendly local barista/political organizer by day. Catch you air waves.


Reba Jones

Radio & Community Media

As an outspoken advocate for change, I am a firm believer that it all starts with awareness. Most of my days are spent preparing material for the many classes that I teach. These classes range from turning your dreams into reality, financial freedom, to guided journaling for the healing of the mind, body, and soul. I am currently a graduate student and when I am not working or studying I am allowing myself to be constantly molded by this journey called life. 





Bryan Ruiz

Radio & Community Media

Bryan loves both story telling and telling stories. He believes that sharing stories through audio(be that podcasts or songs on the radio) is a powerful tool that everyone should have access to. His internship at Denver Open Media is about learning how to better help tell those stories. He hopes to eventually work making narrative style podcasts about people who haven't been heard from before.





Rob Purper

Social Media & Marketing

Rob has been passionate about local media since his tenure on his high school newspaper, where he started as a sophomore reporter and worked his way up to Editor-in-Chief as a senior. He holds a bachelor's degree in Communication from the University of Colorado Denver. Rob is currently taking online classes through South Dakota State University for a master's degree in Mass Communication, and he will finish the program in December. Upon graduating, Rob plans to participate in community interests by pursuing a media-related position with an artistic, cultural, or civic organization. Outside of school and his day job as an administrative assistant, he's most likely to be found at one of Denver's local arthouse theaters or karaoke nights.


Afton Mcintyre

Community Media

I love movies and the filmmaking process. I would love to become a professional filmmaker one day and interning at Denver Open Media is a nice start.





Kris Best

Community Media

Moved to Denver in 2018. 

An actor who loves working on independent films. 

Dependable and enthusiastic. 

Likes to help out. 

Canadian by birth.

Financial coach helping families reach their financial goals.



Casey Burnham

Radio & Community Media

Originally from Idaho, Casey has always been at the forefront of music and radio. When Casey first moved to Colorado in 2011, he dove headfirst into the world of sound working at his college radio station, where he served as engineer, DJ, and producer. Soon after, he realized he not only wanted to play music, but to help create and capture it as well. From there Casey earned his BS in Audio Engineering from the University of Colorado Denver and now hopes to further his skills as a recordist while interning for Denver Open Media. When he's not in the studio, you can usually find him strolling through the botanic gardens, digging through record crates, or somewhere on a mountain.