Volunteer at Denver Open Media
Contribute To Your Community

At Denver Open Media, we appreciate and value our volunteers. Without volunteers, Denver Open Media couldn't provide the high level of services that we do. With an ever-growing slate of upcoming events and studio shows, you can support Denver Open Media staff while earning 10 DOM Bucks/hour when you help us. Please email us at dom@openmediafoundation.org if you would like to volunteer.


DOM generates a large portion of its event revenue by selling concessions at various events. If you want to get to meet a large variety of people, especially if you've been a bartender or server, we would love your help! 

Crewing Shows

Gain experience while helping us out! For any DOM-sponsored events (ex: First Fridays), we can grant DOM bucks for crew positions. Please note that Studio Certification is required for technical positions. Non-certified members may help in non-technical positions such as floor manager. 


Get the word out about our community! If you're passionate about DOM and want to spread the word, this is a great way to give back! We attend a huge variety of events from year to year, from conventions to festivals. 

Equipment Room

If you have previously been either a Public Access TV Station or Community Media intern, you can help us keep the cage running smoothly by processing check-outs and check-ins. 

Organize/Sell Equipment

As we are offloading older equipment, we need help packing and selling it. If you have some sales skills, this would be a great volunteer position for you!

Maintain Facilities

With how popular our studios and editing facilities are, they need to be maintained. For every major area cleaned (ex: Studio A, Learning Lab, etc.) we will provide 10 DOM Bucks. This is a great option for volunteers who are short on time.

Reception Desk

Help guests find their way! As a front-desk receptionist, you will be responsible for directing people. This is a great position for someone who wants to meet new people!

Youth Mentor

Come help our weekly youth group! If you would like to help mentor youth in media production skills, this is a great opportunity to do so.

Volunteer Calendar