Volunteer with Denver Open Media

The community runs Denver Open Media with support from volunteers like you. Volunteering earns you DOM Bucks, credits that you can put toward equipment rentals, membership renewals, and more. With an ever-growing slate of upcoming events and studio shows, you can support Denver Open Media staff while earning credits for every hour you spend:

  • Volunteering to run concessions at DOM events
  • Crewing DOM-run shows (ex: Open Music Sessions)
  • Volunteering to table with DOM at outreach events
  • Volunteer shifts to run equipment room and process check-outs for other members (available only for members who have completed a Public Access TV Station/Community Media internship)
  • Volunteer to help organize/inventory/sell equipment

How do I Volunteer?

Members certified for studio and/or field production, be on the lookout for crew call emails. Any call for a DOM-run event is eligible to earn you DOM Bucks. If you would like to volunteer, you can also reach out to us at dom@openmediafoundation.org