Theme Title Descriptiion
Academic, Info

Conferences, sciences, education, training, debate, lectures, and any other academic or educational programming.

Arts & Film

Programming about the arts, visual and interpretive or performances, this categories also includes, film, narrative, documentary, animation or video art.

Community Issues and Advocacy

Programs that focus on information about issues, events, people and public advocacy that shaping our community.

Cultural Perspectives

Programming that explores and highlights the diversity in our community.


Programming for and about spiritual communities and beliefs.


Programming for, by and about the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning community.

Music & Entertainment

Programming includes live musical performances, music videos, dance, comedy, drama, variety shows, and interviews about the people who entertain us.

News, Business and Government

Coverage of or programs about local and national news, politics, and current events.


Programming about cooking, health, self-improvement, meta-physical, new age, hobbies, sports, and life choices.


Programming made for youth by youth.