Why did you Survive? There is Purpose in the Pain and Hope in the Journey

This week's episode has never gone this deep before. Ann shares things she has never shared in this raw, unfiltered depiction of why she believes we survive the unthinkable. She shares why she dropped to the floor and found herself in a ball on the floor unable to get up. She finally found it within herself to get up and move, but what put her there and what helped her realize that she was able to rise up and be stronger than the pain. 

This episode takes you on a journey through the valleys of personal adversity, where the strength to rise again is not just possible but an inevitable part of the human experience. Tina shares some of her very personal experiences and talks about a quote that deeply touched her and why she realized that one can only survive without hope for three months. 

The goal is to move forward and realize why you survived through. Pain is movement (Ann) and there is no time stamp on pain. (Dawn Serra) 

You will hear how strength often emerges from the darkest moments. Tina's reflection on the importance of hope underscores the essential role it plays in our ability to endure and overcome challenges.

This is an episode of empowerment and purpose and renewal. 

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