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What are Cochlear Implants?
In Project: Cochlear for OMG

What are cochlear implants is about how cochlear implant work and what it like to have them. With the help of Open Media Generation and Open Media Foundation was able to film and produce this documentary. This purpose please share and tell your friend and family about cochlear implants. I hpe you like this documentary. also if you are interest in cochlear implant and or have cocheal implant here is some links. 

Colorado Families for Hands and Voices- http://www.cohandsandvoices.org/newsite/

Cochlear Implants of america- http://www.cochlear.com/wps/wcm/connect/us/home

Avanced Bionics- http://www.advancedbionics.com

MED-EL- http://www.medel.com/us/

 Center for Children’s Hearing at Children’s Hospital Colorado- https://www.childrenscolorado.org/doctors-and-departments/departments/ea...

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In Project: Cochlear for OMG
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