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Watch Me Grind - Chris Haven
In Project: Watch Me Grind

Watch me grind is a new series that appears on Denver Open Media network and television, and also on youtube/ Vimeo channels. This first episode feature Chris Haven. He is a Colorado resident who has multiple talents. His talents includes but is not limited to is DJing, rapping, producing, beat making, song writing, graffiti art, skateboarding, and much more. Check him out as we explore what life is like as we watch him grind. Your host Abeasity Jones from the show "Low Blows" guides you through the journey of the episode. Special shout out to Dewayne 'HD" Jackson for putting in work.

Published: 10/09/2012 722 Views 0 Comments
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Producer: dewayne85
Locally Produced: Local Production
Theme: Music & Entertainment
In Project: Watch Me Grind
License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Generic
Rating: TV-14
Language: English