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Walmart Neighborhood Market, Columbine Valley Shopping Center, 3615 W. Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO 80123
Imagine having a store with employees that care so much that they look forward to helping the blind shop with the most care and love anyone can experience. As a citizen and shopper at this store for five years I personally witnessed this unbelievable real human acts of kindness everyday. The Colorado Center for the Blind just five minutes away and in walking distance from this Market will close their doors on April 7, 2017, unless by some miracle we as a community can convince Walmart corporate to keep it open. Even for just one more year, we could help this store stay open by public awareness. This is not just another store closing, this is a store our blind community counts on. It’s a store where relationships have been built. A safe place to shop for these students. These students can count on the safe and familiar surroundings. They look forward to getting out everyday and shopping. How can we as humans let money dictate over pure and simple love. For the love of money or the love of people is the question we face today. This is not just another store closure. Put yourself in the student’s shoes and understand how detrimental this is to their lives. It shouldn’t be “business as usual”. What can we do as a community to stop this shameful corporate act? Maybe corporate Walmart is blind and they need to open their eyes.  
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