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In Project: Views from Denver

Rep. McNulty reviews several bills in the state Legislature including one that increases the minimum prison sentence for child molesters preying on children 14 and younger, as well as a bill improving law enforcement tools to catch predators using the Internet to lure children for sexual purposes. The last bill extends to include text messaging so law enforcement may intervene before children are bodily at risk. McNulty also discusses water and energy concerns. Sen. Nancy Spence discusses SB5, which increases fees on DUI and other traffic offenses which go to the Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund, which provides grants for treatment of people whose insurance or poverty prevent this necessary help. Spence notes the blast TBI is now added, and explains how the program picks up when veterans are denied help for TBI. Rep. Cory Gardner discusses his bill to include text messaging as described above. Sen. Morgan Carroll talks of her bills to obstruct unfair claims practices in improperly denying claims.

Published: 2/20/2009 0 Comments
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In Project: Views from Denver
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