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Views w/Rep. Labuda & Rep. McCann
In Project: Views from Denver

Rep. Jeanne Labuda and Rep. Beth McCann, both of Denver, review several bills they are working on in the legislature right now, including bills about foreclosure, the mentallyill, prisons, the horrible budget, marijuana revenues and others.

It's a comfortable chat with Host Nancy Ulrich on a Friday afternoon after these two state representatives have been enduring committee hearings until 2 a.m. for awhile now.

This is an hour long unscripted LIVE talk show giving legislators more time with the public about current legislation. This means viewers can be involved in these bills by talking now to their legislators: Senate Offices: 303-866-2316 or 1-888-473-8136.

Published: 4/09/2010 0 Comments
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In Project: Views from Denver
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