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Views from Denver - Senator Foster
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<p>Senator Joyce Foster, a former Denver City Council member, is a freshman Legislator and sponsor of HB1273, introduced but killed in the 2009 Legislative Session. This interview occurred before HB1273 died, which would have established a basic administration to begin single payor health coverage while also eliminating the profit portion associated with insurance policies. Dr. Irene Aguilar is also a guest with Sen. Foster, and is an organizing activist promoting single payor health coverage as a method to provide medical care for more than 700,000 Colorado citizens without care now. Despite technical problems preventing this program from replaying before the death of HB1273, the included discussion is one worth hearing again as this issue has been introduced several years now in the Legislature, and may someday progress or influence the evolving conversation.</p>

Published: 5/15/2009 0 Comments
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In Project: Views from Denver
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