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Transformed: ET Contact- Abduction 3 of 6

Hear from our panel how an ET abductee-contactee experience transforms a persons life and life direction much as it does a near death experiencer (NDEer). In fact, during this panel discussion, you will hear many of the same words used to describe the ET experience as you would from an NDEer. In both cases, the experience results in a profoundly transformed life and a new life direction which seeks to serve others in some way. Hear Debbi Solaris, Dr. Chavanna King, Chuck Chroma, Don Daniels, and Moderated by Rick Nelson.

Please consider attending one of our meetings if you live in the Denver or Boulder, Colorado area. Meetings are open to the public.

Our Panel Speakers:
Debbi Solaris- debbie@debbiesolaris.com
Dr. Chavanna King- drchavanna@chavannaking.com
Chuck Chroma- chuckchroma@comcast.net
Don Daniels- DonDaniels3@gmail.com
Rick Nelson- explorerexperience@yahoo.com

Denver Near Death Studies
Meets: second Sunday each month
Time: 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Location: Greenwood Village City Hall, 6060 S. Quebec Street, Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111
Contact- J.J. at constancecoo@gmail.com, or call c720-203-6354

A near death experience (NDE) is a profound spiritual event experienced by a person close to death or, if not in death, in a situation of spiritual transformational crisis. Because this event includes transcendental and mystical elements, an NDE is a powerful event on a person. The results of the event significantly alter and forever change a person’s life path and purpose.
Meetup Site-- http://www.meetup.com/Denver-IANDS/.
See our Facebook site at: https://www.facebook.com/people/Denver-Iands/

☛ABOUT Denver Near Death Studies:
Near-death and similar spiritual transformative experiences, such as OBE, psychic experiences, physical traumas, and their related phenomena, have stood at the core of religious traditions across cultures and centuries. In secular terms they suggest that human consciousness is greater than the brain and broader than we have believed possible; that the experience of death may be quite different from its physical appearance; and that life itself cannot be fully measured by physical or mechanistic definitions.

Denver Near Death Studies Purpose- To create heaven on earth. Share our spiritual transformative experiences, ask questions about the experience, hear speakers on related topics that support these experiences, discuss the spirituality of the NDE experience and bring in related tools and psychic abilities that help the experiencers and non-experiencers.

The Near Death Experience (NDE) is a clinically defined term meaning: the person physically died. No pulse, brain activity, or breath. Then they came back, in effect, 'rose from the dead'. Hence, a near death. In addition, there are those people who have a 'shared NDE'. This is when those people who are with the person who is dying, experience/see what the dying person sees and experiences. This is a transformative experience, for the shared NDE person, and entirely changes the direction of their life, too.

An NDE is a transformative experience. But, a person does not need an NDE experience to have a transformative experience. Either way, a transformative experience has a major impact on a person's life resulting in an entirely new life path direction. We look forward to people with all transformative experiences, to share and learn, from these experiences.

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