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Transformation of the Troubled U.S. Health Care System
In Project: Health Matters

In 2016 a committee of Health Care for All Colorado Foundation (HCACFoundation.org) set out to study models of health care financing, primarily four in the U.S. Their research resulted in a paper titled U.S. Health Care Financing Reform: The Consolidation of the Health Insurance Industry, and formed the basis of a proposal to "buy out" U.S. commercial health insurances, utilizing the common industry strategy of Mergers and Acquisitions. Buying out health insurance companies at fair enterprise value - a calculable sum - would form the basis for a Single Public-Payer financing model, permitting the ability to leverage economies of scale to negotiate global budgets and bulk drug and medical equipment rates. The result would be sustainable universal single large-risk-pool health insurance, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in annual administrative and other cost savings. A presentation by two Health Care for All Colorado Foundation board members maps out advantages to individuals, providers, businesses, and to the U.S. economy of improving and expanding Medicare-for-All.

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In Project: Health Matters
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