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Too Hot TV Episode 4
In Project: Too Hot TV

This Episode is features a slew of Fake Commercials from the Art of Acting Out featuring Evan Duggan. There's more of the familiar lovely models/dancers including Mackenzi Bell-Nugent, Charrdonay Young, and Ricky Al. Catch an award winning music video from the brilliant mind of Adam Rosenburg, a filmmaker we will be featuring in future episodes and animator for many of the AOAO fake commercials. Also airing tonight, the part three finale of Evgueni Mlodik's Christmas in '45! Ending with some special throw back videos featuring THTV creator Jeremiah Zentz in outtakes of an older skit done for Industrial Racquet 5 years ago and behind the scenes of White Fudge recording their first album!


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Producer: jeremiahzentz
Locally Produced: Local Production
Theme: Music & Entertainment
In Project: Too Hot TV
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