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SuperFund Dig: Is Denver the next Flint, Mi?
In Project: Community Matters

The Vasquez/I-70 Superfund Site, formerly home to at least 4 Metal Smelters, is four square miles, much of it unremediated - the soil not treated for high levels of Cadmium, Zinc, Lead, asbestos and other contaminants. Within this unremediated Superfund Site, the City of Denver and CDOT have promoted several projects, one to lower the I-70 viaduct 40 feet in a flood plain, some of it below the water table; another proposed project to protect the I-70 corridor by creating a drainage system of pipes, open canals and detention ponds through north Denver, Park Hill and City Park Golf Courses, the Cole neighborhood, and almost quadrupling the flow of 100-year flood waters through Globeville Landing Park.  

In this January 3 City Council meeting, a number of north Denver friends and neighbors testified regarding the proposed projects and the bypass of environmental health and safety standards by the city of Denver, the EPA, CDOT and the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment, placing at risk a number of communities and the environment, including the So. Platte River and neighbors downstream.

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In Project: Community Matters
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