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State Rep. Ellen Roberts
In Project: Views from Denver

Representative Ellen Roberts of Durango represents four counties in the extreme Southwest corner of Colorado where the mountains make them more connected to New Mexico commercial resources. But the Coloradans in the Durango area are still working to get better connections to the rest of us, including and especially television from Denver with all our sports coverage.

Rep. Roberts is running to keep her seat this election year, but today she is reviewing many of the bills she carried or worked on during the 2010 Legislative Session, which ends next week.

An attorney and a Republican woman, Rep. Roberts also expresses a few Western Slope concepts that folks in Denver could use a refresher course on. Like WATER. And forestry. And the texture of the snows in the Southwestern Colorado mountains that receive different weather patterns than the Eastern Slope.

Views From Denver is particularly pleased to have a Legislator from the Western Slope, and to say HELLO once again to our friends in Durango. We haven't forgotten you!!!

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