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Six Films & Two Festivals on In the Loop: Colorado Filmmaking Ep.11, Feb. 2010

On Episode 11 of In the Loop: Colorado Filmmaking, Host Scott Rinehart welcomes three sets of filmmakers, interviews Boulder International Film Festival representative Ron Bostwick, and introduces crew member Francine Wade. We get a sneak peek at six films and visit the 3rd Annual Festivus Film Festival. In the studio, Kris Hipps and Patrick Mann of Paper Cat Films talk about their upcoming short, Skeletons. Mark Dissette and Jay Wyss fill us in on their feature documentary, There's Still Hope for Dreams...A PHAMALy Story, and Dan Liechty and Marty Lindsey tell us about their award-winning mockumentary, Race Walkers. Episode 11 crew includes Dx Duff, Natascha Rinehart, Scott Rinehart, Joe Senart, Francine Wade, and Steve Wash. In the Loop is produced, directed and edited by Tanya Ishikawa. This episode was taped Jan. 15-19, and aired for the first time in February 2010.

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