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September 2014 Denver YouTube Professionals - Good advice for making YouTube Videos in Denver

"Bringing people together, Sharing the relevant information, and hands on practicing will help people use video to grow their business."  Denver YouTube Professionals 



The first few minutes goes to station director Ann Theis, as she talks with Anthony Pritchard's (host) meetup group about how to be a Denver Open media member, and then we go to break.


When we come back from break, Pritchard gives a demonstration on how to index a YouTube video properly so that it shows up 1st in a Google Search query. Today, 89% of people solve their problems with the Google search engine, and companies that know how to show up on the 1st page create lasting impressions that continue to generate leads. 


Leads = Interest. The job of 'sales representative' is changing in today's fast moving, digital media market place and generating interest in your product or service is most effectively done with video found online. 


Previous topics we have covered have been: video testimonials, Be a Video Spokesperson, online graphics 101, and more. The Denver YouTube Professionals is in it's 6th month and growing in attendance.


If you know the value of growing your YouTube Channel this group is for you.


Suggested donation of $5 goes towards snacks and refreshments and 25% of your donation goes right back to the Denver Open Media Foundation, "Puting the power of media in the hands of the people."



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